a table and a loudspeaker

a table never sounded this good before.

kaikuuu is a new furniture series where minimal design meets high technology.

kaikuuu01 — the first piece in the series makes a table, a loudspeaker and a radio as one. A unique combination of excellent quality. Create your individual atmosphere by streaming music wirelessly from your iPhone or simply tune in to your favorite radio station.

kaikuuu01 is designed by Teemu Kurkela, Martti Mela and Päivi Meuronen.

Technical information

Dimensions (W-D-H): 160 cm x 80 cm x 73 cm
A special device under the glass surface makes the surface to produce the sound.
A wireless unit is integrated inside the table. The unit allows Apple's AirPlay-compatible music streaming.
The sales version also contains an integrated AM/FM radio tuner and a female mini plug for wired music listening.
The power cord of the table can be connected to a 230V wall socket.

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